Practice Exercise: 5

gf gf got got rug rug tug nj nj and and run run can

za za size size haze haze

gf dog dog fog fog rug rug fig dig wig tug tug keg

an and and hand hand lend lend send hand town down

za za size size haze haze doze doze size whiz fizz

sign sign ring rang rung size zone zinc whiz glaze

Gus is a whiz. Zoe is in a daze. Jane sang well.

to to if it if it he he is if he is to if he is to

for for can can get for get for he the the not the

lend lend hand hand when when town this ring right

George Griggs went to town to get a light for Zoe.

Zoe can sell the ring if it is not the right size.