Practice Exercise: 6

p; p; pan cup lap rip top bf bf bug big bog but fob K Ken, Len and I

p up p; pen pan lap nap cap tip zip rip pair paid

bf be bf bug but big bit fob rob rib rub burn both

Len, Ken, and Jane work well, I know; and so do I.

If Pat is well, he can use the pen; or so I think.

Bud and Rob, I know, paid Paul a lot for the work.

to to be to be to be on on be on to be the and pad

to top pen pen put put for the pen pat bat pat but

work work well work well sure plan sure plan shelf

Pat put the pen and pad on the top shelf, I think.

Be bright, be good, but be sure to work well, too.

Plan the work, and put the plan to work with zest.