Practice Exercise: 8

yj yj yes yet jay say hay vf vf have pave five move ?; ?; Is it?

yj yj yes bat jay way hay pay may coy boy lay they

vf vf vie van five vex give gave give prove proved

Is he to go? Has she gone? May Pat pack my bags?

Have Mr. and Mrs. Vern Clay moved to St. Paul yet?

Did Nell pack my box with five jugs of quart size?

Van and Joe will pick the six men for my big quiz.

Did my boy say your next form may be fixed by May?

A barge brought these bright lads to see the bomb.

I have done much of this work quite well, I think.

I prized five jars of Quick Wax Hal put in my bag.

Ev says to thrive he may have to drove and strive.